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Welcome to WWS

With an aim of empowering women and initiate community development in Humla district, Women Welfare Service (WWS) was established in 1993. The extreme poverty, vulnerable condition of women, poor access to justice for women, lack of awareness on women rights and painful socio economic situation of women in general forced few local active women to […]


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  • Economic Growth for Social Justice: supporting NTFP trade and business development in Karnali

    Medicinal and aromatic plants are important resources for population living in Karnali region, but people have limited access to market information and little technical knowledge to create value from harvested plants. They do not adequately benefi t from the resources they are endowed with. Markets are often secretive and disorganized and small producers lack the […]

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    I have a voice women advocating for Development in Nepal

    The most important approach of WWS in its work is ensuring inclusion of marginalized groups and excluded groups in development interventions. To address the gender inequity in Karnali particularly in 6 VDCs of Humla and Mugu districts of Mid Western Nepal,  WWS Mission East,and KIRDARC have been implementing a project entitled ‘I have a voice: […]

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  • Project implementation Experiences

      WWS implemented varieties of development projects in cooperation and support of governmental and non-governmental national and international organizations for last 17 years in almost 24 projects of various scale. During the period, it has learned many opportunities, challenges and obstacles development of Humla district. The main project activities of WWS Humla are in- social […]

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  • Disability Survey Report

    Disability Report_English version Disability Report_Nepali version

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  • Annual Report 2070/71 Published

    Women Welfare Service published its annual report of the year 2070/71, under CISU-004 Project. The annual report contains all the related information of the project run by WWS during the year 2070/71. You can see the front cover page of the report on left side of this post Please contact or email us at […]

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Vacancy Announcement Women Welfare Service Women Welfare Service (WWS) is a leading women led non-governmental organization in Humla established with an aim to work for women, deprived and marginalized people in extreme poverty and deprivation in Karnali. It has been running 3 years project on “Empowering Vulnerable Women from Humla and Mugu of Midwestern Nepal” […]